Cagnina CAB 29 - 006: trueness to type

confirmed not available
trueness to type confirmed by ampelography
confirmation by ampelography not checked
trueness to type confirmed by SSR-markers
confirmation by SSR-markers confirmed
related bibliography (1)
authors year title journal citation
Crespan M., Fabbro A., Giannetto S., Meneghetti S., Petrussi C., Del Zan F., Sivilotti P. 2011 Recognition and genotyping of minor germplasm of Friuli Venezia Giulia revealed high diversity. Vitis 50 (1): 21-28
compared loci 7
identical loci 6
discrepancies At VVS2 loci one allele is different and the delta between the two allels is 22 bp in our accession and 20 bp in the reference